Strategic Marketing

You're an expert at your business. You know it inside and out, but you're too busy running your business to focus on marketing, and that could be cutting into sales. Why not turn to a consultant who can devise a plan to help you reach your goals?


Whether you need a new commercial or a new ad campaign, I can help define the message that will resonate with your customers.

Fundraising Campaigns

Just how successful a fundraising campaign is often depends upon how emotional the message is and whether that message resonates with potential donors.  Let me help you turn solicitations into donations.

Free Publicity

Media coverage doesn't just happen.  You need to know who to call and how to create a pitch that will capture an editor's attention.  Reporters need an angle that makes people say, "Wow, that's interesting."

Public Speaking

Do you need an emcee to host your event?  Why not turn to a professional?  Amateurs can be nervous and boring.  Don't put your audience to sleep, bring in someone who knows how to deliver the message.

Virtual Tour

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Robin Taylor


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